Value stream analysis
Value stream analysis
Operator scanning job router
Operator scanning job router

Supply Chain Management... delivering exceptional reality

At Graham we constantly strive to improve our performance in all respects. We do this by several means:

Lean Manufacturing

We aggressively use lean manufacturing and Six Sigma tools to reduce process variations and eliminate waste. We look to provide you with the highest levels of quality, improve efficiencies and lower costs.

Real-Time Order Status

We can provide real time order status for your parts … in detail. Operators scan router bar codes into the operating system as each and every op step is completed. Immediately. This enables an instantaneous understanding of the progress for each order. It means potential delays get identified early on so we can be proactive … compared to receiving delayed information and having to be reactive.

Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI)

Graham fully understands customers being conflicted over having sufficient inventory in-place to avoid stock-outs yet at the same time trying to avoid excessive inventory carrying costs and obsolescence risk exposure. So we’re open to a wide range of supplier managed inventory programs including Dock-to-Stock, Kanban and consignment. We’re also open to establishing multi-year Supplier Agreements.

Business Reviews

We endeavor to have close working relationships with our customers. This is done in part by holding regular business reviews with our customers to examine our quality/delivery performance, forecasts, capacity requirements, existing/upcoming projects and cost reduction programs.