Micro bead blaster

Micro bead blaster

Cleaning system

Secondary Operations... delivering exceptional reality

Graham has many options to accomplish the level of finishing and precision cleaning you might require. We have specialists who can help select and refine the best processes for your specific application.

Metal Finishing

  • Tumbling
  • Deburring
  • Micro bead blasting
  • Cabinet bead blasting
  • Manual polishing
  • Anodizing (outsourced)
  • Laser welding (outsourced)

Precision Cleaning

  • Passivation system
    • Per ASTM-A-967
    • Per ASTM-A-380
  • Ultrasonic 3-tank cleaning system (validated)
    • With D.I. system to achieve high purity water
    • Cleans micro residuals missed by other cleaning processes
    • Cleans inside cavities of parts