Data entry to SPC system
Real time data entry to SPC
SPC monitoring
Quality monitoring SPC performance
Laser micrometer
Laser micrometer
Contour reader

Quality... dedicated to meeting exacting requirements

We consistently meet exacting requirements by combining exceptional quality management systems and advanced inspection equipment with a culture dedicated to quality.

Real-Time Statistical Process Controls (SPC)

We do in-process inspections using automated data collection on the production floor linked to the QC-Calc SPC system.

This allows us to monitor critical activities throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

Metrology Systems

We've invested in the newest metrology equipment to precisely measure complex parts and document outcomes. This includes a full complement of equipment, gauges, tools and fixtures (view a partial list below).


We provide Certificates of Compliance, First Article reports, SPC production reports and testing reports. We maintain accurate device master records. And we provide quick, thorough responses to any quality matters.

Key Capabilities



Control Systems

  • Real-time statistical process controls (SPC)
  • Device Master Record management

Risk Management

  • Process Failure Modes Effect Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Process validation (IQ, OQ, PQ)

Data acquisition system

  • QC-Calc; Prolink software

Touchless measurement

  • OGP SmartScope vision system
  • Laser micrometers, Z-Mike Model 120 hp
  • 14” and 30” comparators
  • Borescope

Form measurement

  • CMM, Brown & Sharpe Mistral
  • Contour reader, Mitutoyo Contracer CV-4100
  • Concentricity gauge, Universal
  • Tool makers microscope, Mitutoyo
  • Profilometer, Surfcom 120A
  • Supermicrometer, Pratt & Whitney


  • Hardness tester